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Voxy CMS offers you a complete distribution system so that when you publish a new page to your web site, you can also distribute that page content and information to your social media accounts, newsletters and more.


web page distribution chart

1. Add a new page to your web site quickly and easily with Voxy CMS.

2. Voxy CMS pings the search engines so they know about your new page.

3. You can add goal tracking codes to your entry and thank you pages.

4. Publish your new page's content to your newsletter.

5. Distribute your new content to top online social media marketing channels

6. Analyze your traffic conversions using intuitive tools.

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Voxy CMS is a complete solution for small businesses.

  1. Custom Designs

  2. Marketing Tools

  3. E-Commerce

  4. Membership

  5. Content Mangement

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