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Perfect for web developers that need a reliable CMS.If you are a web developer you know the hassles that you can experience with many of the other content management systems available on the market. Most publishing platforms allow limited customization options and you can sometimes find yourself sifting through hundreds of folders trying to find the files you need.

Then, when you find the files, you realize that you can only edit specific regions on the page. With Voxy CMS you can design the site ANY way you like and easily insert code to add things like menus, widgets and more. And, you can make as many editable regions on your page as you like. Each region (or block, as we call them) can be identified by what ever unique name you give them.

This makes it easier for the client when they are editing their content. For instance, if you have a client who is a doctor it may help them if you named your blocks according to the specific medical field each relates to. In addition, its MVC structure allows you to scale up Voxy CMS to build just about any kind of business modules your clients may need. Add extensions, modules and widgets faster with Yii's built-in C.R.U.D. generator.

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